8 Reason Why You Should Have Your Windows Tinted

Heat Reduction: The main reason people tint their windows is to reduce heat and stay cooler. Using our Carbon, or Non Ceramic color-stable films, we can help to defend against that oppressive summer heat we all dread! 

Reduce Interior Fading: The sun’s nasty UV rays fade and crack the interior of your vehicle, home and office. All it takes to stop the destruction is to tint your vehicle, it’s that simple. Our films block out 99.99% of the UV rays that are trying their hardest to enter your space. 

Reduce Health Risks: More than half of skin cancer that’s on the face and neck are caused from exposure from the sun while driving. Protect yourself today. 

Reduce The Glare: Most of us drive during the day which usually means the sun is hitting the vehicle from all different angles. You can reduce blinding glares with tint all around your vehicle. Helping you see better and drive safer. 

Safety: Not only is tinting your vehicle good for protecting yourself from the UV rays, it also helps from people seeing into your vehicle and seeing valuables that could lead to possible theft. Protect your belongings today. 

More Security: The adhesive between the film and your window will help it not break if someone does try to enter the vehicle through the window. Tinted windows will take intruders much longer to get through. 

Better Appearance: People will often tint their vehicle for the appearance factor. We have a variety of shades to bring to life the image that you have in your head. Don’t be that person without a tinted vehicle. 

Less Wear & Tear: Protect your interior from the cracking and fading. But also help your vehicle not work so hard during the summer to keep you cool. Reduce engine problems and overheating by taking some stress of your engine.